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I recently posted a bridal shot of Xinyi and I thought I should explain a bit of the thought process behind it. Basically, it was after sunset and the sky was getting dark fast. I needed to get a shot of the Xinyi’s dress and highlight it’s amazing texture. To do that, I need to a single flash to exposure her properly. The flash was placed at the 90 deg at subject’s right to bring out the texture. Flash power was set at 1/8 and distance to subject is about 2m, barebulb. After a few test shots, the camera setting was decided at ISO 400, f7, 1/100.  I than asked the groom to help throw the veil. After a few tries, we got the shot below.

Back home, I imported the image into Lightroom, adjusted the colors and exported it to Photoshop to clone out the distractions. Here’s the final image again.