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    Melvin is a lifestyle photographer based in Singapore. He loves to run but can't run fast. He loves to eat but can't eat too much. He enjoys singing but he can't sing. He has one true love and that is his wife and kids. Join him on his never-ending quest to capture your lifestories, one at a time.

    Melvin offers you elegant and amazing pre-wedding/bridal photography in Singapore. He will bring to you those timeless moments of your life, which you will be able to revive over and over again. Whether you want to spend quality time with your partner before wedding or seek to get away from the hustle-bustle of the ceremony, Melvin will help you get the perfect pre-wedding snaps. Melvin strives to deliver top quality unique pre-wedding photos to the couple that will capture your special moments for ever.

    Actual day wedding photography in Singapore

    Apart from pre-wedding photography, Melvin also gives his best to actual-day wedding photography. He aims to create memorable moments for the couple and capture the natural and beautiful moments in the ceremony. Melvin will imprint each emotion in that special day of your life, which will last for years to come. Your wedding is the time for various emotions: Your friends’ laughter, your parents’ tearful smiles and the priceless and timeless emotions on the couple’s faces. Melvin will capture all this and present them as an invaluable memento for you to look back on your life.

    What’s more, Melvin charges competitive rates for his wedding photography in Singapore. And he assures you that there are no hidden fees. Get in touch with him now for your pre-wedding and wedding photography.

    Melvin is a proud member of an exclusive international photography organization, the ISPWP (Int'l Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) and has won numerous placings in quarterly photo contests. Read more about how ISPWP selects their members here.

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